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Latex Tubing For Exerciser

◆ Product Performance: The product is made by a special process with a bright color and monochrome, multi-colors. good tensile force, strong resilience . aging resistance, good tensile strength etc.  
◆ Product Material: 100% pure natural latex imports of processed latex tubes , EVA foam handles high-level.  
◆ Product Testing: Product testing by SGS, with non-toxic no side effects, can be used at ease.  
◆ Model: This product is in accordance with sub-tensile strength: soft, medium, heavy, extra heavy four kinds.  
◆ Note: 1, must be detected prior to check handles and hose connections is solid.  
              2, at a temperature between 0-40 because of the use of suitable hose tension is not affected.  
            3, when stretching can not be friction with the hard objects. the length of stretching can not to exceed three times the length of hose.

4, the product will be whitish in the surface is a normal phenomenon for long exposure,that does not affect product performance ,a slightly damp cloth wiping can be. ok.  
◆ Product maintenance: 1, do not wash in water at a temperature above 50.  
            2, storage do not light exposure and humid place.  
            3, please do not soak in oil class nature  
            4, we must avoid sharp objects scratching the surface of hose.  
            5, a long time when not in use please use the plastic bag to seal.  
            6,when there have stain in the tube surface wipe with clean water , do not long immersion in water. Environmental   protection through the EU ROHS test. Provide SGS report. Products comply with environmental 
requirements and the Non-phthalates, does not contain phthalates content is not excessive, the concentration does not exceed 0.05% of the 
requirements and has passed the ROHS and REACH testing and PHTHALATE test..

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