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China Qi Yu latex Tubing Co.,Ltd is private-owned company and has been dealing in silicone and rubber and latex manufacture and promotion since 2002. From the beginning, what we’re concerned is quality, fame, human talents who can help us take over market with their proficiency in this industry. Qi Yu is, equpped with a team of experts over 20 years working experiences and automation systems, in the position to offer quality products at compatitive price to clients special demands with unique fomula developed by our technicians.
Core production:
1. Silicone and rubber hoses
Various standerd-/Non-standerd silicone hoses&strips, rubber hoses, FDA tubes, hoses of imported silicone and for Medical uses, high tensile tubings, high transparent tubes, HT-bearing silicone tubes, PU soft hoses, PVC tubes and TPR tubes.
2. Latex products
Latex hoses&strips&cusion, two-color latex tubes, three-color latex tubes and latex Yugo belt.
3. Precision Anti-shock units
silicone shock-absorbing accessories made of silicone and rubber material for electrics and electronics.
4. precision silicone and rubber parts
silicone standard parts&wares, rubber parts&wares,silicone fresh lid,silicone skin cases, silicone nipples, silicone winding tubes, silicone couplings, silicone air bladdles, silicone&rubber toy tyres.
Raw material applied:
Electric-electronic accessories and devices, home appliances, toys, medical appliances, sport /stereo equipment, light ornaments and auto industry etc.

Welcome to contact us for OEM/ODM and we are to supply you with superior products at competitive price. Please rest assured that all material we use is environment-friendly and RoHS & SGS approved.

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